Important Terminology

Spiritual Heart

The seat of our emotions. The center of your physical being, where your hopes and dreams, your fears, your wounds, all reside. It’s the center of your physical, mental, moral, and spiritual being and a place where Jesus dwells.


Subtle or not so subtle reminders of our past mistakes and failures by the enemy to keep us in guilt and shame.


A targeted attack on our relationships, finances, physical health, or relationship with Jesus by the enemy.


Made when you align yourself with the lies satan says about you, instead of the truth of what God says, and in doing so, you give him access to harass you.

Generational Sin

These are open doors because of sinful activities our parents did, their parents, did and so on and it gets passed on to us.

Spiritual Warfare

Acknowledging the supernatural realm and its' beings that influence humanity. This influence, or these attacks, can be resisted, neutralized,  and overcome through the work of Jesus on the cross and the various spiritual weapons that are given to Believers.  Ephesians 6:12

Fear-Shame-Control Cycle

When we are afraid of what others will think of us because we are ashamed of “who we are” or what we have done, and we try and control what they see or know about us.


The self-constructed image of ourselves that we prop up for others to see, so they can’t see “the real us”.

Volitional Posing

When you know you are putting on an act about who you are to impress others.

Non-Volitional Posing

When you don’t realize that you are putting on an act for others because of deep wounding you have experienced.

Core Memories

Specific events in your life that you experienced that were traumatic or painful that wounded you.

Messages of the Wounds

Interpretation from the enemy about ourselves, and/or God, from what you experienced that was painful.

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