Why is Depravity Celebrated and Faith in God Trashed?

 We are living in a world where evil is celebrated and good is demonized. The Bible clearly warns of this: Isaiah 5:20 says: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

The traditional family is being systematically dismantled by the devil. A woman who genuinely desires to serve her husband is mocked and ridiculed. Families are devoted to entertaining themselves on devices instead of gathering together at the dinner table. Young people are encouraged to “sow their wild oats” and play the field instead of pursuing marriage and children.  If problems arise within a marriage, the world is quick to urge the couple to “Move on! You deserve better! Cut your losses and find someone else! Plenty of fish in the sea!”

Identity is another of the enemy’s targets. Instead of embracing how God made men – men, and women, women – society throws Bible truth out the window and says “Be whatever your heart says you should!” Today, instead of recognizing gender as a biological reality, multiple flavors of self are celebrated. The enemy capitalizes on the weaknesses of those who have not grounded themselves in Christ and mobilizes entire movements based on self pride and a drive to find purpose and meaning through a false identity. 

Instead of being a joyous blessing, the miracle of life is viewed by many as an inconvenience to eradicate. 95% of abortions are elective. “My body – my choice” became the battle cry of feminists insisting that the government “keep their laws off my body.” It is no different than the cult of Moloch in ancient Israel – slaughtering innocent children and passing them through the fire to the pagan god Moloch. Only now, the torture is performed more clinically and in a sterile environment where no one can see.

The God of the Bible has been removed from everything. Let’s just take public school as one example. Evolution is taught, students are compared to animals and urged to focus on all the similarities in DNA. The spiritual aspect of creation is marginalized or removed. Wildly inappropriate books are used for study and classroom discussion – some with jaw-dropping soft core porn scenarios and storylines that emphasize abortion, feminism, nontraditional families, atheism, and New Age/occult practices. Teachers openly discuss their sex lives (yes, this actually happened to one of my daughters where a teacher referred to herself as a “bisexual queen”). Schools hold PRIDE events (usually optional) and when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited many school leaders omit the word “God.” The Ten Commandments have been removed from the public square.

I have seen firsthand (especially with my youngest daughter) how the public classroom now resembles a profoundly socialist environment. Everyone “gets a ribbon” regardless of effort, aptitude, or performance. Individual gifts and talents are diminished to prevent lower achieving students from feeling bad about themselves. Students are rewarded with half credit (50%) for doing nothing. Recently, my 8th grader was honored in a school ceremony that celebrated students who had achieved a 3.5 or higher GPA over the course of middle school. She later told me that many low achieving students were also given the award if they displayed other redeeming qualities. In a classroom setting, my daughter is often forced to instruct and help others who do not understand the material being taught, and is often required to do extra work and to compensate for underperforming students. 

In the media, people are ripped apart for promoting family values and godliness – but stories about drag queen story hour and trans athletes are celebrated. Sunday church is discarded to idolize sporting events or kids’ soccer tournaments. 

How do we fight back? Stop supporting ungodly causes. War in prayer. Study the Bible and speak its truth over all situations. MODEL godliness and fear of the Lord to your kids! Tithe the first of everything to God: your time, money, talent, gifts – everything. Give HIM the glory. Trust HIM – not a human being to save you. Find your identity in HIM – and you will find true FREEDOM