W01T06 – Above all else, guard…it is the wellspring of life!

“Above all else, guard…it is the wellspring of life” What does that mean? Have you been doing that? Guarding your heart, meaning watching over what is coming in and what is going out. A wellspring is used as a metaphor for the spiritual heart.

Now if the spring that feeds a well gets contaminated, what happens? (Ask the women) All the life (plants, animals, humans) that the well supports are affected and will eventually die. It is the same thing for us. The wounds we receive in our hearts, when they are unhealed, are like a poison in the wellspring of our hearts that effects everything we do and who we are. The poison from our unhealed wounds affects our jobs, our emotional, mental, and physical health, our relationships with our loved ones, and even our relationship with God. This is why guarding, or watching over, our heart is so important!

The heart is a key subject in Scripture. It’s written about more than 900 times, depending on the translation. The heart is distinct from the soul, which is written about 192 times. The heart is one of the most written about subjects in Scripture.

But what happens if your heart is “bad”? What then? Unfortunately, much of the church bases their knowledge of the heart based on the following scripture: