W01T05 – What are your questions about our Lord?

Part of your time here is to be trained in some tactics for the spiritual battle that you find yourself in. Now when you are being trained for a physical battle you are taught that your target to aim for is center mass. The same is true in the spiritual battle. The enemy has his sights and weaponry faced center mass on you, which is your spiritual heart.

I want to talk about the spiritual heart for a minute, and not the four chambered one. There is a unique centrality to the spiritual heart. It’s the seat of our emotions. It’s the center of your physical being, and it’s where your hopes and dreams, your fears, your wounds, all reside. The heart is the dwelling place of Jesus, where we receive His love, and commune with Him. Everything takes place in the heart! It’s where the action is!

If you are ever going to get your life back, you have to start by getting your heart back. Just how important is it? We are given some guidance about what to do with our heart by King Solomon, known for his tremendous wisdom: