W01T03 – Who is This Jesus?

By the time you’re time is done here, you will have a much better personal understating of who Jesus is. It’s unfortunate, but too often the image of Jesus that we have been taught is not the whole picture of what He was actually like. What’s happened is that the enemy has gotten in and shifted our view of Jesus. He’s taken a strong, revolutionary Jesus and watered Him down to an anemic, emasculated figure in a children’s story that looks like he needs a Prozac and a sandwich. If all you know of Jesus is the Lamb, then you don’t have the full picture. He is also a Lion from the tribe of Judah. Both views have to be held in tension to have the full picture.

I love how C.S. Lewis represents Jesus in the Chronicles of Narnia book series. He is a lion whose name is Aslan. In one interaction, before the main characters were to meet Aslan, Lucy shares her concern about meeting Him. She says to Mr. Beaver, “I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion…is he safe?”

“Safe?! Who said anything about safe?” said Mr. Beaver, “‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King I tell you.”

Let’s take a look at a scripture about our good King. It may be a side of Jesus that you have not seen before.