Lesson 1 – Core Desires of a Woman’s Heart

In this session, you will discover how you are made in and reflect God’s image. You will learn about Jesus without the trappings of religion, and about the spiritual heart. You will also examine the unique core desires that are in the heart of every woman.

Lesson 1 – Key Verses

Lesson 1 – Key Terms

Spiritual Heart– is the center of your physical, mental, moral, and spiritual being.

Lesson 1 – Key Takeaways

The first thing that is said about human beings is that we bear the image of God. Both genders reflect a different aspect of who God is to the world. That’s a really powerful thought: as a woman, you carry a unique expression of the nature of God to the world!

To guard your heart means to watch over what goes into it, because it will affect everything else you do. How have you been watching over your heart?

It may be true that our hearts are deceitfully wicked (Jeremiah 29:17) before Jesus shows up. However, He came after our hearts to cleanse us from the inside out!

If you are ever going to get your life back, you have to start by getting your heart back! If your core desires are not met, they can be substituted with toxic and unhealthy behaviors; attempts to meet the desire in an unhealthy way or to numb the pain of it’s lack.

The invitation Jesus offers today is for you to walk in health, with the desires of your heart truly filled in Him. He says, “Let Me, first and foremost, fulfill and satisfy the deepest desires of your heart.” Will you let Him?

For a woman to walk in the strength and beauty of who God made her to be, she must walk in relationship with Jesus, living from an open, restored heart where her core desires are being met.